Wednesday, August 1, 2007

In the meantime...

While you're still working on your not-plastic grocery bags, ask your local store if they give credits for reused plastic bags or using cloth bags. The two major-chain grocery stores I shop at both give a .05 credit (US) for every bag you reuse. These are regular stores, not stores with a significant focus on organics or whole foods or anything special. So ask.

Even if your local store doesn't give credit for reused bags, reuse them anyway until you get your non-plastic stash up to speed.

BTW, IKEA has started charging shoppers for plastic bags.

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Pfeng said...

When I lived in Boston, my grocery store had a bag credit. Now in Indiana, our local store does not. (I'd suggest that they implement one, but we're about to move to South Carolina -- if the grocery store THERE doesn't have this policy yet, I'll definitely campaign to get it implemented!)