Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Bags from Interweave Knits

Here are links to two intermediate-level knitting patterns from Knitting Daily:

Hemp Market Bag is knit from 100% hemp on size 10 straight and circular needles.

Vicki Square's Market Bag is knit from flax on size 6 and size 11 needles.

Needles sizes are US.


If you have made any of the patterns found via Make-A-Bag, I'd love to see a photo and get your thoughts on the pattern!


ilex said...

I LOVE this site! Several girls in my knitting group are making bags on a regular basis and just giving them away to friends and family. It's so nice that an aggregate site like this exists. Good on ya, sister. Brilliant.

This gives me an idea (I'm sure not original, but I'm totally ok with that)-- you know those knit for a cause events- cancer/ hats 'n' mittens/ etc- how about a "knit-away the plastic bag" event, where a whole mess of knitters come together for a bag-o-thon? How many bags could be knit in one day by, say, 400 knitters? Hmmmm... Could any money raised go to an anit-bag related charity? Do you know if this been done on a mass scale anywhere?

Sharon U said...

just my luck, I find a bag I would make and use, The hemp market bag. The pattern download link is no longer active. Can anyone supply a copy? I love that it is a one skein knit also. Thanks