Monday, April 21, 2008

You Say It's Your Blogiversary...

Friday was my first blogiversary on my other blog, Tinky McFrog.

In the knitting blogosphere, this calls for a contest!

Random Last-Minute Belated Blogiversary/Earth Day Contest - Visit Tinky McFrog, and leave a comment on this linked post including...

1. One change you have made in the past year to tread a little lighter on the Earth
2. Your favorite color(s)

by April 30 to win an "Organic Nettie Kit" (enough organic cotton yarn to make a Nettie bag). Open to US and Canadian residents. (I just don't trust the mails any farther than that!) Winner will be chosen at random on May 1.


Some simple changes we've made in the past year:

1. Stopped buying juice boxes
2. Switched from buying pre-mixed juice (mostly water) in a big semi-recyclable plastic jug to buying juice concentrate in a very-recyclable aluminum can
3. Made a stronger effort to reuse plastic shopping bags for groceries
4. Started saving toilet paper tubes to use as seed starter pots (I'll let you know how it goes)
5. Started this blog! I hope it has helped you live a little greener!

1 comment:

ilex said...

One change in the past 12 months, and it's sure to be on very few "50 things" list: I learned that I could feed my house rabbits' poop to my worm bins. Prior, I was composting what I could, but that's tough in an apartment. A shameful amount of the poop was just going in the trash. Now it's all being converted into fabulous worm castings.

Favorite color is... natural, undyed cotton.